Monday, May 12, 2014

And... I'm Back

Did you miss me? All eight of you that follow this blog (eight might be generous...)?

Yes, well, I turned in my last paper one week ago today, returned an enormous stack of books to the university library, and carefully filed away all my notebooks filled with notes I will never look at again. I've spent the past week sleeping and not doing much else. It's been glorious.

But like I said in my last post (months ago), school is not the reason I've been so MIA around here this year. Yes, the pregnancy continues, and I am slowly, ever so slowly, clawing my way back into some semblance of health and energy. I'm at least only throwing up about once a week these days, so there's hope I may feel normal about food and life and whatever before this baby actually arrives. Although considering I'm already half-way through, I can say say in no uncertain terms that this has been the worst pregnancy of my life (out of two, and I pray the next one isn't this bad or I may have to stop at three kids... actually right now I've sworn I will never have kids again, but give me five years or so and I might consider going through this again).

But! No one wants to hear the details of the nauseous nightmare I've been living for the past three months, so let's get back to talking about books! Right, I haven't actually read any non-school related books since the semester started, but there are still SOOOO many things I've been dying to write about here all semester long because seriously, the thoughts! The ideas! The thinking! I'm sounding incoherent, but this semester of grad school has been one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences of my life, and I need a place to process ALL THE THOUGHTS! Well, not ALL the thoughts, but at least some of them. And I do plan to review at least a few of the books I read for various classes, but I'll try to stay away from the sixteenth century metaphysical poetry (you're welcome). I've got a bunch of Student Mom posts planned on some of the practical sides of this adventure with all of my hard earned wisdom and advice. So, lots of posting to come. I'm excited to be back.

Now, here's to a summer of much fluffier reading!


  1. Congrats on successfully finishing your first semester . . . while being nauseous and pregnant no less! I'm super impressed. And I'm glad you're beginning to feel better. I hope you have a fantastic summer!

  2. I am AMAZED you were able to do grad school with morning sickness!! I'm so glad it's finally getting better--I definitely know how awful that is!