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Welcome. My name is Suzanne.

I love books. I love reading books, talking about books, and writing about books. So I write a lot about books on this blog. But I also occasionally write about other things, like motherhood, and food, and this crazy thing I'm doing called grad school with three kids (insane, I know). Basically, I write about whatever I want. It's my hobby, creative outlet, and keeps me sane, so thanks for reading!

Some other things to know about me:

Married to my devilishly handsome, board-game-obsessed, adorably nerdy soul-mate (his name is Nathan).

Mother of three: Josh, who made me a mother in 2011; Henry, who joined our family in 2014; and Lily Grace, our 2016 baby.

I earned my master's degree in English in May of 2016, and will be starting a PhD in English in the fall of 2017. You can read all about my experience of going from stay-at-home-mom to grad-student-mom in this series of posts.

Originally from Utah, we spent three wonderful years in Chicago for law school (my husband, not me), and currently reside in Houston, Texas.

I am a Mormon. You can learn about our beliefs here.

I might love food as much as I love books. I consider them my two parallel passions.

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