Welcome. My name is Suzanne.

I love books. I love reading books, talking about books, writing about books. But after graduating from college, with no more assigned homework, I found myself floundering a little about the place books had in my everyday life. This blog is not just a space for me to review and talk about the books I read (although I do plenty of that), this is where I explore what it means to build a lifestyle around books, and how books influence every aspect of my life.

(Basically, this means I get to write about anything and everything, because you can find everything in a book).

Some other things to know about me:

Married to my devilishly handsome, board-game-obsessed, adorably nerdy, soul-mate (his name is Nathan).

Mother to the two cutest little boys ever: Josh, who made me a mother in 2011, and Baby Henry, who joined our family in 2014, and who needs to stop growing up and stay my sweet little baby forever.

I'm currently in grad school, working on a master’s in literature. You can read all about that experience in this series of posts.

Originally from Utah, we spent three wonderful years in Chicago for law school (my husband, not me), and currently reside in Houston, Texas.

I am a Mormon. You can learn about our beliefs here.

I might love food as much as I love books. I consider them my two parallel passions.

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