Thursday, October 8, 2015

Birthday Book Haul

So, you know that wonderful thing about how on your birthday, people give you money and then you get to order whatever you want online?

Obviously, I order books (and clothes, but this isn't a fashion blog, so just sharing the book bits here). Now here we are, two weeks later, and I feel like it's my birthday all over again! Here's the haul:

The Count of Monte Cristo, Penguin Classic Clothbound

I've been eyeing these cloth bound Penguin Classics for a while now, because, um, quite beautiful, no? With my birthday cash I went for The Count of Monte Cristo. I was trying to decide between this one and Les Miserables, but their Les Miz version is abridged, and this Monte Cristo is not, so there you go. I love that even though this has a beautiful cover, it's still a super readable design. I'm super interested to reread this one some day. I loved it the first time, but I want to read it along with The Black Count, which is the nonfiction story of Dumas' father, who apparently inspired some of the events in this book. Exciting edition to my library (although it took me a while to figure out what books to throw out to find a place for this on my shelf).

Kindle birthday present
I also got a new Kindle! Nothing fancy, but light years better than the ancient old generic brand e-reader I've been using for years. It was time for an update. I'm not a huge e-reader person, but we have some big trips coming up, and this will be an invaluable travel buddy. I'm excited to have access to the Kindle library now. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to commit to Amazon to be my e-reader provider, and I'll let you know how I feel about it when I get some digital pages under my belt.

If you remember, it was my baby's birthday just three days after mine, and since books are the one gift I love giving, we obviously took advantage of the occasion to expand our BabyLit library.

BabyLit Board Books

You guys, I love these books so much. They are the most adorable board books ever. Like my husband says, they are so much more for me than for the kids, but whatever. I still love them.

BabyLit board books
We already had A Christmas Carol and Sherlock Holmes, they belong to my older son. But for my baby's birthday, we gave him Treasure Island, my sister gave him The Jungle Book, and my sister-in-law gave him Moby Dick. They are just gorgeous books, and I love them.

So, Happy Belated Birthday to us!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I'm glad you splurged on some books you really wanted. I have not been won over to the BabyLit fan club, mainly because, like you said, I really think they're for adults, not kids. In that sense, I can appreciate them, but I've tried reading them with my kids, and I can never decide if I should try and explain the plot or just let them think it's a strange book about shoes and doorbells (or whatever). :-) Your collection looks awesome though.

  2. Good thing we didn't get the same baby lit book for him! I want a whole collection too!

    1. Well, I ordered the other two after we got yours, so I was able to pick them out (my sister sent me money, so I got to choose hers). I want the whole collection too. I keep wanting to order the Jane Austen ones, but feel like I need a little girl to justify that. But then again, no reason little boys can't read Jane Austen, right? (I just need to convince Nathan of that).