Monday, February 15, 2016

Quick Notes

Popping in for a quick note here. I've had some good reading lately, and have loads of bookish things to talk about, but no time to sit down and actually write out a thoughtful post. So you get some random notes instead.

1. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's weekend. Now that my oldest kid is 4, he finally seems to be catching on to this holiday thing, and it was so fun to see him take to Valentine's day. He spontaneously started drawing hearts on paper and passing them out to any visitor we had saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" He was thrilled to hand make the Valentines for his preschool friends, and loved all the heart shaped food that kept popping up all weekend. Holidays with kids are the best.

2. Today is actually the day I like to celebrate with my husband. It is our 8 year anniversary of becoming engaged. I knew we were getting married long before the moment came. I'd gone ring shopping with him. I'd actually even been wedding dress shopping. I knew it was coming, but I told him that he better NOT EVER propose on Valentine's Day because ew. I just couldn't handle something that cliche. So he proposed the day after Valentine's day. (Insert eye-roll.) 

3. Guys, I'm presenting a paper at my very first academic conference this coming weekend. I'm more than a little bit terrified, because while I've been to conferences before, this is my first time presenting! Wish me luck.

4. The weather here in Houston is being so stupid. We've been above 70 for weeks now, and I have little hope I'm ever going to get to pull out my boots or scarves again this winter. Spring is here. I know most people would kill for spring weather, but I was doing my meal planning today and feeling so sad that soup season is basically over for us.

5. Our tax return money came in, and we bought a new mattress! I can't tell you how excited I am for a new mattress. We've had our old one for almost eight years, and I know they say that mattresses last for eight years, but oh, no. We bought the cheapest thing we could get after our wedding, and that poor little mattress really should've been put down long ago. By the end of my last pregnancy I was sleeping on the couch because it was honestly more supportive than that sad little thing. Here's to sleeping comfortably tonight!

Okay, enough randomness for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some real writing about some good books.


  1. You should visit us in Iowa! Still plenty of snow and boots and scarves and soup! But we are celebrating getting almost to 40° today! It feels balmy :)

    1. Yes, I would love to come visit you! Get my fill of winter and then come back to spring. 40 degrees sounds perfect (when we were in Chicago, anything above freezing meant it was time to get outside and enjoy the "warm" weather).

  2. I also told Nathan not to propose to me on Valentine's Day so he waited until February 16 (president's day). And I am so impressed you are on top of it to already have your tax refund. We are sadly not getting a refund this year:(