Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Book Blab: Making Time to Read (Ep. 5 Show Notes)

Hi guys! Time for another episode of The Book Blab! This was a fun one, so let's jump in. Show notes below!

:44 - This month's topic: How to fit in more time for reading

2:30 - What made Suzanne prioritize reading in her life again

3:40 - Tip #1: Manage your reading list

6:27 - Tip #2: "Read" audiobooks

10:02 - Tip #3: Speed-read some books (nonfiction, textbooks, online articles, etc.)

12:38 - Tip #4: Read multiple books at a time

16:55 - Tip #5: Keep a book with you at all times

18:42 - Tip #6: Use external motivators (reading goals, book club, etc.)

21:33 - Tip #7: Schedule a time to read

23:48 - Two favorite books about motherhood
  • 25:12 - Suzanne's recommendation
  • 26:27 - Amy's recommendation 
29:15 - Conclusion 

The book that was ruined because Amy listened to it at regular speed

Suzanne's review of The Light Between Oceans

Amy's review of Little Men


  1. This conversation reminded me of when I borrowed Grandma Hall's copy of "The Work and the Glory" one summer. There were little pencil check marks everywhere! Sometimes there would be pages or a chapter between check marks, and other pages had a check mark every paragraph or even just a few sentences. I realized that she was reading every chance she got and that she marked the place she ended so she could quickly get back to reading when she had a few minutes to spare. To me, that will always be an example of a reader!

    1. What a super sweet story! Thanks for sharing, I love it!