Monday, August 1, 2016

Books I Read in July

Well, I'm a bit disappointed that I only finished three books this month. I had hoped to start feeling better and pick up my pace this month, but such was not the case. I mean, I did start feeling better, but then got sick again (with a cold), and I'd just rather sleep than read when I don't feel well. I'm still in the middle of a couple of longer books that hopefully I'll get finished in August (slow and steady wins the race).

Anyway, here's what I did finish.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I read this one for my local book club, otherwise I don't think I would've picked it up. I'm just feeling a little too saturated on the dystopian YA trilogy thing. Look, if you love books like Hunger Games and Divergent, you'll likely enjoy this series as well. It's got all the elements: really messed up and oppressive futuristic power structure, strong female lead who ends up being "special" and in the perfect position to lead a revolution, and a love triangle where everyone is pretty inexplicably in love with said heroine who is otherwise completely average in every way. It was engaging and kept me hooked until the end, and I did not see the twist coming, but I don't feel the need to read the next one. At least not yet. I need a break from this genre.

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

Still processing and thinking about and implementing this one, and kind of amazed what it's doing for my parenting. Only good things, I think. Read my full review here.

The Marvels by Brian Selznick

This was my first Selznick book, and I really enjoyed it. Modern Mrs. Darcy recommended this one to Amy on her podcast earlier last month, so when I happened to see it on the shelf during a quick trip to the library, I grabbed it. Despite it's size, it was a quick read, only took a couple hours or so, and I found it delightful. I loved the two different stories, one in pictures, one in text, and how they intertwined, and the blurring of the lines between reality and fiction. It was very well done.

And now, for one book I did NOT finish, (and was the inspiration for this post, where you guys really came through in the comments and taught me what I was missing in my Goodreads tracking!)

Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

I really enjoyed Goose Girl, so I was more than happy to add the second book in this series to my reading list. I read some reviews that it started off a little bit slow, so I was prepared for that, but oh man. It was rough. I really gave it a shot, I probably got about half-way through the book before realizing I just wasn't enjoying it enough to put the effort into it. I don't know, Hale's magic touch just wasn't there in this one. Maybe if I'd stuck it out to the end, but it just wasn't worth the effort for me.


  1. You beat me to The Marvels, but I'm glad you did because I'm more excited to read it now!

    1. Well, word is it's not his best (see next comment), but I think you'll enjoy it well enough.

  2. You really need to read Selznick's two other books. He is absolutely phenomenal at what he does. Marvels was my third favorite of his.

    I agree with Enna Burning. I did finish it, but a long time ago. I remember it lacked the magic of Goose Girl and I was disappointed with it.

    1. Yep, I totally plan to read Selznick's other books. They are so much fun!