Friday, June 23, 2017

Five Thoughts on Living in Our New (To Us) House

1. I'm walking a ton more steps every day. This is a good thing, but I never really thought about this being a part of more space. I'm running up and down the stairs a million times a day, walking from one end of the house to the other, and moving so much more than I needed to when we lived in a little apartment. I guess most people who live in small apartments in big cities can walk everywhere they go, but Houston is definitely a driving city, so a small apartment plus driving everywhere meant my life there was pretty sedentary. But having more space means taking more steps, which can only be a good thing for my health, right?

2. Oh, the light! The light, the light, the light, the light! My biggest complaint about our old little apartment was the lack of natural sunlight. There were windows, but only on one side of the apartment, and there were big shade trees right outside so barely any light ever made it inside (we had to use inside lighting pretty much all day). But this house has big, beautiful east and west facing windows so there is light all day. Unfortunately, this means my children have been awake at the crack of dawn (which of course, is at it's earliest point right now) because of all the light flooding in their bedrooms windows, but I don't even care. My heart just fills with giddy, giddy pleasure every time I walk into a room and see the sunlight pouring in. I'm so excited to get to know how the light slants and changes in every room throughout the day and through the seasons. And now I can get me some houseplants that might have a chance of surviving!

3. Yesterday morning as my husband was rushing out the door to work I reminded him it was trash day and could he please set the can out on the curb, and he asked me to move the sprinklers and hoses off the lawn before it got too hot, and I just had one of those moments where I was like, "Holy cow! We've arrived! We are homeowners! In suburbia!" Because things like "trash day" and "moving the hoses" are things we've never had to think about before.

4. Moving in is SO MUCH WORK! It's going to take days and days and days just to get all the cardboard boxes out of here, weeks to figure out where everything should go, and probably months before things get put on the walls. I really just want to push through it and get in and get settled, but unfortunately my husband has this thing called a job (which is pretty busy for him right now, because he has to study for and re-take the bar again next month), and I have this thing called three children who have all of these needs, some of them being the need to walk to the park every day (but we do have this cute little park within walking distance, which is super fun). So I'm trying to tell myself that slow and steady is fine (but it's not working, I'm going a little bit crazy living amongst this chaos).

5. Yesterday during lunch, my two year old sat at the kitchen table, looked around, and declared in his adorable little kid drawl, "I like this new house!" That moment just warmed my heart, because this whole move has been quite the upheaval for our family, but it is feeling so good and like such a perfect fit for us. I'm sure the novelty and excitement will wear off eventually, but it still feels so certain that this move was right for our family, and I'm so glad the two-year-old approves too.

Forgive me if all my posts are a little new-house-centric for a while, but it's just where my head is right now (also, I still owe you the story of the whole how-we-bought-this-house process). I'll get over it and back to regularly scheduled programming soon enough, I promise!


  1. Oh, I am so so happy for you! Feel free to talk about your new house as much as you want! (And natural light is a big deal, so you have every right to be excited.)

    1. Thanks! Now that I have at least your permission, I'll probably write about nothing else (J/K). :)

  2. I seriously was just nodding my head along to all this---yes, yes yes! This mirrors almost exactly how we've been feeling over here (like the crazy-high step count? Nuts!).

    I'm having a hard enough time shoveling us out of the chaos with just one kid (who still takes a decently long nap every day), so I have no idea how you'd get anything done with three! I guess you'd just have to make yourself work for an hour or two at night and call it good enough.

    Good luck on the new transition!

    1. Basically... yep. Once we get the kids down, we work frantically for about three hours before crashing. It's going to be a long process.

      It's so fun knowing someone else out there going through this exact process with me! So excited to keep tabs on your progress too.