Friday, July 12, 2013

A Dream Home Library

We do not own a home. We don't even rent a home. Right now, we are in the pathetic position of crashing with my in-laws for the summer before we move into a two-bedroom apartment where we are just excited that the front door will open to the outside (as opposed to our last high-rise apartment, where the front door opened to a dimly lit interior hallway that always smelled of smoke and other questionable fumes). We likely won't own a home for several years yet (we need to dig ourselves out of some major student loan debt before we tackle mortgage debt).

But! That doesn't stop a girl from dreaming.

Yes, we have big plans for this future/hypothetical/dream home of ours. Is it some fancy kitchen? Some spacious game room? A walk-in closet just for my shoes? Nope! I have no idea what the rest of this someday house will look like, but the husband and I have definite visions for one room in particular: the library.

Here's the idea board:

Dark wood, I think. I don't always like dark wood, but it feels fitting in a library. Dark wood paneled walls and shelves, with a big old fireplace and a bunch of cozy chairs (may or may not be leather, I'm not sold on the leather) and little reading lamps tucked away in nooks. Sounds super cozy.

Hm, I love the idea of a cross-beamed ceiling. Makes it feel rich or something. Also, a big solid desk, necessary if this room is going to double as our home-office. Haven't decided that one yet, we'll just have to see how many rooms this dream house of ours has. But I also love the idea of a few display shelves for all of the artifacts we pick up from our (also future/theoretical/dream) world travels. A few framed maps on the walls (of the places we've been). Our large silk rug from India on the floor. A nice globe in the corner. That kind of thing.

And then, something special, just for fun. Like a spiral staircase. I mean, if this is a two-story library (which I wouldn't mind at all if it were), we're going to need a staircase. This is obviously going to be the most awesome room in the house.

And I mean, as long as we're talking dream libraries, there's always this one:

A girl can dream...

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