Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh Where Do You Read in the Summertime?

Reading a good book is sometimes a magical experience. But for truly magical reading moments, environment and ambiance can contribute almost as much as the book itself. My personal favorite experience is a cold rainy day, hot chocolate in hand, wrapped in my favorite blanket with a book. However, blankets and hot chocolate are rarely comfortable in July, so recently I've been thinking about good summertime reading places.

Obviously, this is the ideal summertime place for a book, but as not all of us live near the beach, nor can afford vacations to the beach (at least for more than a week at a time), I've been looking for another good place a little closer to home.

Luckily, "home" for me this summer is my in-laws place, and they happen to have this huge gorgeous backyard with...

A tree house!

So, I grew up in the desert. The trees in my yard growing up were small, scraggly things that never could have supported a tree house, so forgive me if I'm a little overly excited about this place of childhood dreams. But really, it is quite magical.

The absolutely perfect place to read, no? At least my nieces think so, and I must agree. Magical.

If the weather (and my 18 month old, who seems to have a fear of heights) cooperates, I plan to spend some quality time up here with my books this summer, with the soft dappled sunlight and the sound of leaves swishing lazily in the breeze. Perfection.

What are your favorite summertime reading places?

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  1. Don't forget a couple pillows! One to sit on and one to put behind your back. It really was so relaxing to read up there!