Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Two years ago this month, I pushed publish on my very first blog post here. In celebration of that anniversary, I thought I'd give the blog a much needed little sprucing up and tiny bit of a make-over. Maybe you've noticed a few of the changes if you've visited in the last few days, or the hiccups as I've experimented with some (very basic, but still beyond my depth) features and html stuff. I'm still working on updating a few of the pages, and some of my links are a bit wonky (working on it...), but feel free to visit and check out the fresh look. Here are some of the highlights.

  • New header! New buttons! Nothing super fancy, but my sweet husband designed these for me (he picked up graphic design as a hobby in the last year, and has far outstripped my pathetic attempts to cobble images together). Fun fact: Black, white and red were our wedding colors (it was a June wedding, and I'm not sure my mom has forgiven me yet for not picking bright floral colors). I still haven't found a more favorite color combination. So classic.

  • Spruced up pages. I especially had a fun time putting the Books page together, with links to every book I've mentioned on the blog organized by category. This one may be more of a resource for me than anyone else, but it sure was fun to revisit all the books I've read and talked about in the past two years.

Please let me know if you experience any problems using the site, or have any suggestions to make things more user friendly. As much as I love blogging, the technical side of things is not my forte. Still, I'm having lots of fun learning and playing around here.

Happy blog birthday! Thanks for reading and participating in the bookish fun that goes on here. Here's to many more years of reading, writing, and blogging to come!

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  1. Suzanne! I love the new look! I want to do a little redesign of my own, and I think I need to take a few tips from you. :-)

    I actually do have a question: Do you ever hear from readers that they can't comment on your blog? I get this all the time, and it is so frustrating because I love comments. Obviously, some get through, but many get eaten. I just wondered if you had any ideas since we both have blogger blogs.

    Happy Blog Birthday! I'm looking forward to many more posts from you!