Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Bloggiversary!

bloggiversary texas wildflowers

I started this blog three years ago this month (it's still May, so this counts). How time flies!

Last year I celebrated my bloggiversary with a much needed blog redesign, and I wanted to do some sprucing up again this year (backend things tend to get neglected during the school year), but alas, this May was filled with other preoccupations. Perhaps that will be a project for later this summer. For now, I will celebrate with taking a look at some of the highlights of this past year of blogging.

On a personal note, my highlights included:

-Graduating with my master's degree!

-A glorious amazing trip to Peru and Bolivia over Christmas break.

-An equally glorious trip to the beach last summer, that included actual time by myself, alone on the beach with a book in hand (when your a mother of littles, this kind of alone time cannot be overvalued, it was heavenly, I tell you).

On the bookish/blogging side of things, highlights included:

-Reading over 52 books since last May (I'm kind of shocked it's that many, but Goodreads stats do not lie.)

-Started posting some personal essays. I really like doing this kind of writing, and I intend to post more stuff like that here on the blog (as time and inspiration allow).

-And let's not forget, The Book Blab! This little video project with Amy over at sunlitpages.com has been one of the biggest developments on the blog this year, and can I just say, it is my favorite thing ever! I don't even care if any of you actually watch these videos (but P.S., thanks for watching when you do!), it's just so much fun to have a scheduled time every month to chat bookish things with Amy. Seriously, this has been a huge, huge highlight, and I hope we're able to continue this little project for a long time to come.

-And last but not least, all the friends I've made from this blog! My readership has grown slowly but steadily, and I've loved, loved, loved getting to virtually met and chat with so many awesome bookish people. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and making this my super happy place on the internet.

Here's to another year of good things ahead!

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  1. The blab has been one of my highlights this year, too! Happy Anniversary!