Friday, August 9, 2013

National Book Lover's Day

You guys! Today is National Book Lover's Day! What a random, perfect little holiday.

So what is National Book Lover's Day? According to DaysOfTheYear.com:
A day for those who love to read, Book Lover's Day encourages you to kick back and relax with a great book. From shaded spots under arching trees to being tucked up warm in bed, there's no better way to celebrate Book Lover's Day than to while the hours away lost in a book.
Considering I'm on a road trip across the country ride now, my celebrations of this holiday will involve listening to audio books in the car. But considering this is an annual occurrence, I'm seriously considering coming up with some fun family traditions to do every year on this day. Like maybe picking an old favorite we read together every year on this day, or hosting a read-a-thon (like we used to do in elementary school, with pillows and treats and that sort of thing), or something fun. I'll have to think about this.

How are you celebrating?

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