Monday, August 19, 2013


Not to make anyone jealous, but I'm leaving on a cruise today. Just me and the hubby. We're leaving the kid with the grandparents (first time I'll be away from him since he was born, kind of freaked out about this) and setting sail for the Bahamas. I'm beyond excited, and since this vacation is all about unplugging from the world and just relaxing, I'm giving myself a blogging break here as well.

But certainly not a book break. In fact, I've been stewing this whole week over the reading material I'll be taking with us, looking for the perfect pool-side book. Right now I've got about five e-books and two audio-books of all different types and genres for whatever mood I might be in. That should last me for a five day cruise, right?

I'll report back next week, hopefully with a tan, a lot of sleep under my belt, and certainly with new books to review.

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