Monday, August 26, 2013

The View From My Hammock

When: Last week
Where: Some island in the Bahamas

Home from the cruise, but wishing I were back there. On the docket today is frantic packing and loading of moving trucks in preparation for a twelve hour drive to our new home tomorrow.

So, are you just dying to know how many books I was able to read while spending leisurely hours basking by the pool and beach? I know you are, and the answer is...

Two, but really only one because I was 70% finished with the other one before we even started the cruise and it was a quick read anyway. I had grand visions of having oodles of time to read and listen to audio books on this trip, but I forgot I was married to Mr. Action-Packed-Let's-Get-Up-At-7:30-AM-To-Go-Snorkeling/Kayaking/Walking-Around-Every-Port-All-Day-Long-Party-It-Up, who needed me to play shuffleboard and cards with him and do all the other random stuff you can do on a cruise ship that's not sitting by a pool and reading. Long story short, I'm more tired now than before we left. And my to-read list is backed up. But it was a grand time, so I can't complain.

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