Friday, September 13, 2013

Beyond Scrabble

We are game playing people around these parts. Big time. Normally, my husband leans toward strategy games, but every now and then I can convince him to play a word game with me (mostly because it's so much easier to find word games you can play with just two people, strategy games usually require more friends). Yes, of course we own Scrabble, but it's not my favorite. Here are a few of my favorite word games.


My mom and sisters and I used to play some pretty epic Boggle matches back in the day. We played "house rules" with no timer, going for as long as we could find words (we we're always just trying to beat my younger sister, Angela, who is the best Boggle player I've ever met in my life). My husband much prefers to play by the regular rules, and I'm okay with that. Whatever it takes to get hi to play with me. This game will always be my favorite word game for all time.


We were only introduced to this game a few weeks ago by some friends of ours, but I'm obsessed. It's similar to Scrabble, only you build your own board and can rearrange it however many times you need to until all your tiles are gone. It's infinitely enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. Basically, it is so much fun.


My husband gave me this card game a few years ago, because he knew how much I loved word games and this was one of his favorites. This game is just fun. My favorite is the crazy designs of each letter on the cards (they would not work well as flash cards for beginning readers).

Any other good word games out there we should be playing?

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