Friday, October 4, 2013

Random Notes on a Friday

1. I have officially finished and submitted my application for grad school. And, a whole month earlier than the deadline! This is a huge relief, as this application has been hanging over my head for months now, and even though I probably could've spent the next three weeks going over my writing sample and statement of intent, agonizing over every sentence and period, I decided to cut myself a break and just be done. I don't know when I'll hear back about whether I'm accepted or not, but rest assured, I will announce it here if I get in (and I will hang my head in shame and pretend this whole thing never happened if I'm rejected). In the meantime, I'm still planning a few more A Student Mom posts about the application process, so look out for those.

2. Last week I saw Austenland, the movie version, in theaters. I contemplated doing a whole movie review post, but then I also wanted to share my application news today, so my movie review got downgraded to note #2 in this post. Okay, this is not a movie for everyone. It was completely ridiculous and silly. That being said, I LOVED it. I loved it in the way some people loved Napoleon Dynamite. You know, when you're sitting there in the theater watching it for the first time, you're thinking, "This is strange. I'm not sure what is going on here." But then, days later, when thinking about certain scenes makes you break out into uncontrollable giggles, and quoting the movie with your sister leaves you breathless with laughing, that's when you realize the sheer brilliance of this movie. I mean, really, it's a nerdy movie that pokes fun at every Austen obsessed fangirl out there (which, in my secret heart of hearts, is totally me). And it's a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, which is really the only way this ridiculous story could be handled. It's just good, plain, GNO fun.

3. The husband started work on Monday. That means we've been living real life for a whole week now. It hasn't been too bad yet, but it still is a bit of an adjustment. Little Man keeps asking "Daddy go? Daddy go?" and I keep trying to explain, "Daddy went to work," but, that doesn't mean a thing to him yet. And I must say, this full-time stay-at-home mom business is so much less glamorous when your significant other isn't around 24/7 to help out. It's the little things, like grocery shopping, that I'm suddenly scratching my head over. How do you do this stuff without a second pair of hands around? Ugh, real life can be stupid.

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