Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Library Day

Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. That's because it's library day!

So our new local library lacks some of the hundred year-old charm of our last stone-pillared local branch (gosh, that was such a beautiful building). But what it lacks in architectural history it makes up for in programs. Yay for story and craft time!

 As you can see, story time is pretty well attended here (the parking lot was completely full today, I had to squeeze into a not-quite-real spot by the garbage bins). They always do rhymes and three stories around a theme, and then break up for a craft time. Today the theme was bats.

I love this setup because it's perfect my son's attention span right now. I love giving him the chance to sit and listen to someone other than me read. I love learning new rhymes and songs (because apparently I've forgotten everything I knew as a child, and I'm struggling to come up with enough rhymes to appease my toddler's insatiable appetite for Mother Goose). And even though he's no where near old enough to do them on his own, I still love the craft time. It's been years since I've made funny little animals out of felt and glue and whatever, and my son would have zero exposure to this side of creativity otherwise.

After craft time, we wander down to the kids section, read a few books, and take a handful home with us to enjoy for the week. My Little Man has the routine down, and he loves getting to pick his own books off the shelf and carry them around.

So, I'm going to refrain from going off again about how much I love libraries (like I did in this post). But yeah. I love libraries. And I really love Wednesday Library Day.

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