Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reading Goal #1

So, I wrote last week about how I'm feeling the need for a little more discipline in my reading selections, and I probably need a few goals to achieve this. However, I've been a little hesitant to come up with goals, mostly because (if all goes according to plan) I'll be starting a master's program in literature in two months, and any and all free reading time will most likely be consumed by assigned reading. So I'm a little bit torn, because maybe I should just soak up all the time I have right now for mindless chick lit.

But then yesterday, I stumbled across this lecture given by David McCullough a few years ago (actually, ten years ago, now that I look at the date) called "The Course of Human Events". And man, McCullough has passion for history. It just oozes out of him, and I found myself thinking, "I want to be like that!" I haven't read any of McCullough's books (secret shame of mine), but I've heard him speak before and I just have such great respect for this man. So listening to this lecture yesterday, inspiration hit, and I decided on my first reading goal, to accomplish before the end of 2013:

1. Read a historical biography

Great! There it is! My first reading goal of 2013. We'll see if I feel inspired to come up with any other goals, but in the mean time, any recommendations for good biographies? Obviously, I should just read a McCullough book, since I've been meaning to since forever, and since he's the inspiration for this goal. But still, I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has any favorites.


  1. I love reading goals . . . especially since I'm currently not in school, and I like to make sure I'm reading some enriching, brain-stretching books along with the fluff. I'm almost done with my reading goals for 2013 (only three more books to go!), and I already have a list started for goals I'm planning to make for 2014.

    I've only read one book by David McCullough (1776), and it was very good.

  2. Does that mean you've got into the program?!?!? Congrats:)

    1. Um, no. I haven't heard yet. Still crossing my fingers. I'll make an announcement once it's official.