Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back to Real Life

So, if you've noticed my recent absence around here (and all of the internet, for that matter), I have a perfectly good excuse. I was out of the country.

Um, yes, that would be the incredible Machu Picchu behind us there.

We spent our Christmas vacation on a once in a lifetime trip to Peru and Bolivia with my husband's family. It was an incredible experience, but also a little bit draining. I meant to have some end-of-year posts written up before I left, but what with finishing up school, packing up Christmas to spend it with the grandparents in Utah, then leaving the boys with said grandparents while we hopped on our international flight Christmas night, I just never found the time to get on top of things like that.

And after 10 days, 8 cities, 3 countries (if a layover in Panama counts), 5 time zones, a bout of traveler's diarrhea, and way too many nights trying to grab sleep in uncomfortable plane and bus seats, I'm still not quite on top of things. We made it home late last night, and were greeted by a deconstructed kitchen (we were fumigated for cockroaches while we were gone), no food to speak of, and all our Christmas decorations still patiently waiting to be put away. Needless to say, I will probably still be taking things easy for a while as I focus on getting our lives back in order and back to routine.

But I still plan to inundate you with all my end-of-year recaps and new year goals, no matter how far into January it takes. And maybe a few pictures from our trip, if you're interested. Just be patient with me.

Right now, I'm still marveling at the novelty of brushing my teeth with tap water instead of bottled water. America is amazing, y'all.


  1. woo hoo!!!! Amazing, look forward to hearing. btw love your profile pic

  2. Sounds amazing! I'm interested to know how physically fit one needs to be to survive this trip.