Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goals for 2016

While I was perusing my book stats on Goodreads in preparation for my last post, my husband looked over my shoulder and commented, "48 books this year? That's great! But woah, what happened in 2014?"

If you remember (you probably don't), in 2014 I read a measly 26 books, half my rate in 2015. So I told my husband what happened in 2014. I was pregnant.

For whatever reason, my reading rate plummets when I'm pregnant. It's depressing, but what can I say. My pregnancies are physically difficult, but mentally and emotionally even harder. I basically just hunker down in survival mode for nine months, keep my people alive, and look forward to diving back into passionate living once my body is my own again.

That being said, you should probably know that 2016 is looking to be another year of pregnancy. This is not an announcement. Despite the fact that my 4 year old keeps telling perfect strangers that there is a baby is Mommy's tummy, there is not. Currently. That I know of.

However, if family planning goes according to plan (and we are one of those blessed couples that historically have been very lucky with things going according to plan), we anticipate making such an announcement toward mid-year (after I graduate, because I'm just not doing that whole pregnant-while-a-student-mom crazy thing again).

All this really personal oversharing is just to give an explanation about why all my goals, and specifically my reading goals, for this year are perhaps a little below what one would expect from a goal-loving upholder and professed book-lover blogger. I'm just being easy on myself. I do well with low expectations.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2016:

1. Graduate with a Master's Degree - Well on my way to ticking this one off in May! We'll have a huge party when this semester is in the books.

2. Get Pregnant - Again, perhaps this is oversharing, but it's totally a goal, so there you go.

3. Read 24 Books for Pleasure - That's a measly two books a month, which I'm hoping I can manage between school and pregnancy. I've already read three in January, so I'm well on my way...

4. Go On a Pre-Pregnancy Diet - This is not about losing weight before I gain weight. I've just heard that if you restrict sugar intake and increase protein for several months prior to getting pregnant, you can reduce the effects of nausea in the first trimester. I have no idea if this is true, and I need to do some more research into it, but I'm willing to try anything to make my next pregnancy easier. Also included in the idea of this goal is all the good stuff I should be doing anyway to prepare for pregnancy: pre-natals, exercise, etc. And then, of course, continue my healthy eating and exercise habits throughout the pregnancy.

5. Apply to Ph.D. Programs - Wait, what? What is this? I know, I know. Please don't ask. I'm not ready to talk about it.

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. I'm impressed that you've got just 5 goals. That is not possible for me yet. Probably better to have a few that you really work on, though, than a bunch that you half-heartedly do--right? (As I look at my list of many things...) One of my goals--too bake SOMETHING once a week--I'm 3/3 so far, though! So that's good, right? :) Yes, I totally counted the naan bread I made last week, even though you cook it on the griddle.

  2. Yay! What a big year for you! Your reading and general life awesomeness is very impressive:) I am feeling the baby fever here too.

  3. Um, hello? Last time I checked, being pregnant and applying for PhD programs (WHAT?!) are not what normal people would call "lowering your expectations."