Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Blab POSTPONED! (And a few links)

Hi folks. If you're here because you were wanting to watch the live feed of The Book Blab Episode 3, I'm sorry to tell you we've postponed until further notice. Apparently Amy has completely lost her voice, and since I didn't necessarily want to do all the talking for the two of us, we decided to wait until she's better. I'll let you know when we get our schedules matched up again.

However, if you no longer know what to fill up the next half-hour of your life with, here are a few links of interesting lists or bookish items to keep you company. Enjoy and happy Wednesday!

  • I am notoriously bad at being up-to-date with currently published books. I blame it on my to-read backlist and my library's waitlist for new releases, but it's truly mostly because I'm horribly uninformed and must wait for other people to tell me what new and wonderful books to read. This list, however, has got me thinking about upcoming releases and the possibility of actually reading more books in the calendar year they are published. I'm particularly intrigued by Carrie Fisher's memoir (although that title is atrocious, in my humble opinion).
  • On the note of being more on top of current books, the short list for the Tournament of Books has been released. And I was proud that I've actually read one of the books on the list (A Spool of Blue Thread, just finished it this month). I'm interested in following the Tournament as it progresses, just to get more info on these books and see which ones I think are worth reading.
  • Modern Mrs. Darcy has released a podcast, and she is now four episodes in, I think. I love the bookish chit-chat, and her ability to recommend books is a serious gift. After listening to first few episodes, my take away is that I need to read Me Before You, because apparently I'm missing out here? 
That's all I have for now. See you soon!

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